P+US Stephan Bodzin

P+US Stephan Bodzin


August 13, 2021 August 14, 2021 at 9 pm
Seacode Beach Club, North Coast - Egypt
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Techno maestro; Stephan Bodzin landing on P+US SE for the first time, August 13th. Stephan Bodzin has been a hugely influential figure within the global techno scene for years. The reason the German has endured where many had fallen by the wayside is because of his devotion to authenticity. After starting out by composing music for several prestigious European theaters, Stephan Bodzin soon fell in love with nocturnal club sounds and began producing his own brand of techno.

A special appearance of the Austrian titan Philipp Straub, a deeply passionate DJ and producer, he is also a leading figurehead of many international projects! Philipp’s 26-year long career working as a DJ and producer has helped inform his 3D understanding of what it takes to make crowds have a dangerously great time on the dance-floor.

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